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The Advocacy Work of United Way for Southeastern Michigan

Troy Biddix

The recipient of a master's degree in taxation from Walsh College in Michigan, Troy Biddix has served as a partner at Deloitte Tax in Detroit since 1996. Troy Biddix is a supporter of numerous nonprofit organizations, including United Way for Southeastern Michigan.

In addition to working to improve the lives of community members through programs related to health, education, and economic prosperity, United Way for Southeastern Michigan advocates for a variety of government actions and encourages its supporters to do the same. Recently, the nonprofit asked its supporters to vote yes on Proposal 3, also known as “Promote the Vote,” to increase access to voting for members of the community.
Another issue of importance for United Way for Southeastern Michigan is the protection of earned paid sick time. Although state legislature enacted a new law that requires paid sick time to take care of workers or their loved ones, some in the legislature are intent on repealing the law.
Supporters are asked to contact their legislators to voice their support of paid sick leave. Other areas of advocacy by United Way for Southeastern Michigan are the protection of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act.

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